We offer Adjunct Care

Adjunct care is defined in Schedule 1 of the QueenslandEducation and Care Services Act 2013 (ECS Act) as education and care provided to a child:

  • in conjunction with a meeting, function or other activity involving a relative or guardian of the child other than the paid employment of the relative or guardian
  • and on the premises in which the meeting, function or other activity is taking place
  • and for not more than three hours on each occasion the care is provided.

Yes, we do have a supervisor

Between 9am & 11am Monday to Friday, We have a qualified Supervisor thats completely free with your membership! 

Any other time (whilst the Facility is open) your child is able to play in Genkidz whilst you workout. 

School Holiday Programs

Within the School Holidays we get around 30 kids on average, so we put together some fun crafty activities for your children whilst you workout.


Developing our Next Generation and introducing a healthy lifestyle.

KIDSFIT Every Tuesday at 4pm for ages under 8 years, This class is mostly interacting games for the younger kids

YouthFIT Every Thursday at 4pm for ages 8 Plus, This class will involve a mixture of our H.I.I.T, Strength and Bootcamp classes 

Both classes are free for Members kids and $5 for Non Members